Colgate Success Story in English | William Colgate Biography

Colgate Success Story in English | William Colgate Biography :- today's top 1 using toothpaste in the world is colgate so this success story about colgate William colgate biography.

Colgate Success Story in English | William Colgate Biography
Colgate success story in English
Toothpaste Colgate Success Story

Friends, today I am going to talk about Colgate, the world's best-selling toothpaste brand, whose success can be gauged by the fact that in most homes, toothpaste is not called toothpaste but Colgate.

Now tell me, what will be more successful for a brand than this?

Colgate is the best-selling toothpaste in the world today, and it is used in 66 (sixty-six) homes out of every hundred, but do you know how such a big brand of today started?

May not know, then friends tell me that the Colgate Company started about 210 years ago. And the name of the one who started it was William Colgate, who had done many struggles in his life. And this company did not make tooth paste then but made soap.

And to tell you an interesting thing, when Colgate's toothpaste initially came, it was found not in a tube but in a glass jar.

So, friends, I am better off confusing you that I tell you this story from the beginning.

William Colgate, the founder of Colgate, was married on 25 January 1783 in Hollingbourne, England, his father's name was Robert Colgate, who worked in the fields and raised his family.

But after a few years in 1798, he moved to Maryland, USA with his entire family.

Where he started the work of making soap and candles with a man named Ralph Maher, and in this work, William Colgate also used to help his father. But unfortunately this business was not successful, and then after only two years, they had to stop this work. Due to which the financial condition of him and his family became worse.

And then at the age of 16, William Colgate decided to leave home and work, and after a few years of small work, he moved to New York City in 1804, where he started working in a soap factory.

And while working there, he learned many qualities of the business. Actually, he had thought that I would do the same business in the future, and that is why he understood the working of the company well, and also know that people are making mistakes, and how those mistakes will harm the company Has been

After working for almost two years, he left the company and then at a small level, but he started his business of making soap in 1806. And he named this company "William Colgate & Company".

And then friends soon William Colgate's business started going fast, and now he was seen moving towards his destination.

But at the same time, he had a heart attack several times at the same time, and due to poor health, he could not concentrate on business for a few years. Due to which his company went into loss.

But with the improvement of health, he came back again and this time he brought the company to a new height.

Friends William Colgate was a religious person, he believed that whatever he has is due to the above, that is why he asked his accountant to open an account in the name of God. In which he used to have the 10th part of the company's profits. And then he would donate those money for good works.

Going forward, as his business increased, his profit also increased, and he also increased the stock of God. And then gradually they started donating 50% of their profits.

And then after becoming a successful businessman, on 25 March 1857, he said goodbye to this world.

And then later his business was commanded by his three sons Robert, James and Samuel, and then moved this company into the field of oral hygiene. He launched the company's first toothpaste in 1873, which, like today, was available not in tubes but in jars.

But the packaging also changed with time and from 1896 it started getting in the toothpaste tube. And the soap making company started by William Colgate later started making toothpaste, perfume, and saving cream along with soap.

And then after 1928, this company makes products with the Palmolive Pal - Molive company. And in today's time, thousands of people work in this company. And it is the world's 59th most valuable brand.

So friends, it was my intention to mix this story together, that if you are still in search of your destination or are struggling for success, then never give up. Just try,

Because they say do not give up or else the effort is not useless, those who try will never give up.