Harley Davidson motivational Story in English

Harley Davidson Success Story in English

:- in this story of harley Davidson success story of motorcycle manufacturer this is most inspiration story.

Harley Davidson Success Story in English
Harley Davidson success story in English

Friends, today we will know one of the most favorite bikes of the youth, Harley Davidson's dream of every youth today. Which is generally known for its speed and powerful engines.

And especially it is the most preferred bike of the soldiers, because Davidson's bike and the relationship of war is very old.
During World War Harley Davidson's bikes were sold a lot and even after the war was over, American Fougio entered Germany riding this bike.

And today, this company, being one of the largest motorcycle companies in the world, is also known for its brand loyalty.

So friends, we know the success story of this brand from the beginning, about 114 years old.

So friends, the story begins 116 years ago, when, in 1901, at the age of 20, William S. Harley decided to turn the bike into a bike to get rid of the paddle.

And then to make this dream come true, they got involved in making engines, which they could fit into the cycle. And he was assisted in this work by his childhood friend Arthur Davidson and Arthur's brother Walter Davidson.

Together, after two years of hard work, they all made a small engine of 116 cc, which would fit in the paddle cycle itself. But if the bicycle connected to this engine was climbed even on a small hill, it could not climb.

In fact, they all lived in the place of Milwaukee in America, where there were not many high but small hills.

And in the same way Harley and Davidson's first engine failed.

However, despite this bike's failure, the Harley and Davidson brothers did not give up, and they went into a new research to solve the problem.

Now he built a small workshop 150 square feet behind the Davidson Family's house.

Here, William Davidson, elder brother of Arthur and Walter also helped him a lot and all four people are considered to be the founders of Harley Davidson.

Soon he brought another bike with a 450 cc engine, which could easily climb hills. And this bike was about 4 times more powerful than the previous bike.

And then after the success of this bike, Harley Davidson started manufacturing the bikes.

Later in 1904, Harley Davidson was presented in a motorcycle race in Milwaukee. And then it was from here that the brand began to be recognized.

In 1905, Harley Davidson sold a total of 12 bikes, out of which 3 bikes were purchased by a man named Carl H Baig, who later became the first dealer of Harley Davidson.

And then in 1906, the Harley and Davidson brothers together opened their factory at Chest-Nut Street. Where Harley Davidson still has its corporate headquarters. And this year, his product increased from 12 motorcycles to 50 motorcycles.

Further, Harley Davidson's demand continued to grow and in 1907 the company made 150 motorcycles. And this year Harley Davidson was officially registered.

After further improving the power of the engines, in 1908 Harley Davidson production increased to 450 and in 1909 to about 1150 motorcycles.

And then the first world war proved very beneficial for this company. Because the government had bought more than 20 thousand bikes of this company during this period.

After the ceasefire, US military troops entered Germany riding Harley Davidson's bike.

And by 1920, Harley Davidson had reached 67 countries and became the largest motorcycle maker of the time.

However, during the Great Recession of 1933, the company's sales were reduced from 21000 to 3703 bikes. But in 1934 the company made a lot of changes and launched a new series of bikes.

Since 1941, during the Second World War, Harley Davidson made 90 thousand motorcycles for US soldiers only for 4 years and was awarded Navy Award twice for his excellent production. The first in 1943 and the second in 1945.

Later in 1969, the American Missionary and Foundation, or AMF, bought this company, however they reduced the quality of the bike, which caused the company's sales to fall drastically.

Actually at that time many Japanese companies had also come in competition of this bike, whose quality was also good and the price was also very low.

The AMF subsequently sold the company to Waghan and Willie G. Davidson in 1981, who improved the company's condition, and improved the quality of the motorcycle as well as improved the technology.

However, he also sold the company to sports bike maker, Boyle Motorcycle Company in 2003.

And if we talk about India, then Harley Davidson bike came here in 2009. And its Street 750 model is the most popular in India, which costs around Rs. 4 lakhs.