Nike inspiration Success Story In English | Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman Biography

Nike inspiration Success Story In English | Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman Biography

Nike inspiration Success Story In English | Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman Biography
Nike inspiration Success story in English

Friends, today we will know that one of the most favorite brands of footwear in the world is Nike, a multinational company of America, and it is the world's largest manufacturer of athletics shoes.

Apart from this, it also makes some other sports items, like - T-shirts, jackets, globs, hats and lots of glasses. This is the reason that Nike is the most valuable brand of sports business.

Friends, very few people probably know that the Nike company started with the name "Blue Ribbon Sports", and its shoes were first started selling from the car's Diggy.

So, friends, we know this interesting story of Nike from the beginning.

Friends, this business starts from 1962, when Phil Knight, who is doing MBA from Stanford University, thought about this business.

In fact, while Feel was doing MBA, he was given an assignment to write about small business and marketing plans.

Phil loved sports and running and that's why he wrote about the shoes business. And while doing this assignment, the idea of ​​making cheaper, stronger and better quality shoes came to his mind.

After studying to realize this idea, he reached Japan where he saw cheap and good quality shoes from Tiger, a company named Onitsuka.

Phil Onitsuka met with the owner of the company and took the rights to sell the Tiger brand shoes, stating that he owns the "Blue Ribbon Sports" company.

Friends, Blue Ribbon Sports Company was actually in Phil's mind so far, not really any company.

When Phil was given samples of Tiger Shoes, he first came to "Bill Burman" to sell him, who had been his sports coach during graduation.

Bill Burman liked that sample shoe very much and Phil's business model also wooed him and he became Phil Knight's business partner.

Later, Phil and Borman together formed a footwear company called "Blue Ribbon Sports" on 25 January 1964, with a capital of $ 1000. And then first of all, they made 300 pairs of shoes from the Japanese brand of Onitsuka, a shoe manufacturer in Japan.

Which he started selling outside of school with a car digg.

In his first year, he sold a total of 1300 pairs of shoes, from which he earned about $ 8000, and the earnings increased to $ 20000 the following year.

And then after using the car trunk as a counter for 2 years, BRS ie Blue Ribbon Sports opened its first store in California in 1966.

The next year, he increased distribution work due to high demand for shoes and then opened another store in Massachusetts.

Eventually, the contract between the Blue Ribbon and Tiger brands was over by 1971, and then Blue Ribbon Sports decided to make their own brand of footwear.

On 30 May 1971, the company's name was officially changed from Blue Ribbon Sports to Nike, which was named after a goddess from Greece.

And its logo (LOGO) was designed by a graphic designer named Caroline and this trick mark logo soon became Nike's identity.

Around 1980, Nike added many items such as clothing and tracksuits to its business in addition to footwear, which became the fashion's second name for American Youth.

Nike's colorful shoes and sneakers were in great demand among teenagers there and that was the reason that by 1980 Nike's shoes had captured 50% of the shoes market.

Later in 1984, the famous basketball player Michael Jordan was signed for its promotion. And then even more famous players like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Ronaldo became the identity of this brand.

Apart from this, Nike is also the official kit sponsor of the Indian cricket team since 2005.

And by 2015, the company's revenue had reached $ 30 billion, and Phil Night is at number 15 on the list of wealthiest people worldwide.

Friends, in the end, I would just like to say, if you want to change, you can also start with a small step.
And once you start any work with positive mind, success will surely kiss your steps.