Rolls Royce Success Story in English | Luxury Car Company

Rolls Royce Success Story in English | Luxury Car Company

Rolls Royce Success Story in English
Rolls Royce success story in English

Friends, today we will know one of the most luxury cars in the world, Rolls Royce, known for its superior engine quality and design.

Which is famous for its cars, as well as making aircraft engines, it is also the second largest company in the world.

And in today's time, this company, which has become so popular, was started by a man who had to face extreme poverty and poverty.

The father soon died. And in their childhood days, when children are of age to go to school, at this age they had to distribute newspapers and telegrams to cover the expenses of the house.

However, even under these adverse circumstances, he never ever gave up.

So the friends I am talking about are named Frederick Henry Royce.

Two people are considered the founders of the Royal Rolls Royce Company, Federic Royce, Chales Rolls. But the main role in this company is of Federica Rais, now you must be wondering how? So, friends, we know the whole story for this.

So friends Henry Royce was born in 1863 in a village called Alwalton, England.
His family used to run a grocery dough in miles. But due to the failure of this work, they all came to London and settled.

But when Henry was only 9 years old, his father died. And thus Henry had to do a lot of work like selling news papers and distributing telegrams to meet his household expenses.

Rolls Royce Success Story in English
Rolls Royce success story in English

After doing all these things for the next few years, with the help of his aunt, he went to a place called Peterborough of England.
Where he worked on the Northern Railway.

And then after returning to London, he joined a Light and Power Company, through the company of which he used to put lights on the streets.

Friends, Henry Royce had saved some money from his earnings by now, and then together with his savings and one of his friends, Claremont, opened a small company in 1884. Which he named "FH Roys and Company". In fact, this company used to make small electric parts.

And then after the next 10 years, through this company, he also started making dynamos and electric cranes. And then in 1899, he got his company registered.

But later, the competition was increasing due to cranes and dynamos coming from Germany and America and the company started to suffer losses. That's why Royce decided to make a car.

In 1901, he bought the "D witch" and two cylinder Dokovil cars to get to know motor cars better.
He recognized the shortcomings of these cars and then in 1904 he made his own three cars.

Out of these 3 cars, he gave a car to his yet-to-be business partner, Clairemont, and a man named Henry Edmonds bought his second car.

So friends, now the story of the other founders of Rolls Royce begins. Whose name was "Chawls Rolls"

Darshal Chauls was a good friend of Edmunds, and had a large cars show room in London. When he saw Henry Royce's car two, he liked it very much, and Chales Rolls became a partner of Henry Royce.

On December 23, 1904, a business deal between the two took place that the cars made by Royce would buy the rolls and all those cars would be known as "Rolls Royce".

And then in December 1904 Rolls Royce's first car 10HP was launched.
From here, Royce's technical knowledge and Rolls' business knowledge worked hard to make the car, and then the company started moving rapidly.

In 1907 the company manufactured a six cylinder "Silver Ghost" car. Which was a super smooth. And this car was so appreciated by Longo that it came to be called "Best Car of the World".

Rolls Royce Success Story in English
Rolls Royce success story in English

However, in 1910, Rolls died in an air crash. And at that time his age was only 32 years.

In 1914, Rolls Royce began to manufacture airplane engines in addition to automobiles and he first produced the Eagle engine.

In 1921, Rolls Royce opened a new factory in Massachusetts due to increasing demand. And then the same year he made a car named "Springfield Ghost".

In 1930, Rolls Royce acquired the company named Bentley, a sports racing car manufacturer. But in the meantime, Henry Royce also died in 1933.

Rolls Royce cars were later introduced in diesel engines from 1948 and then in 1951 the company launched its first luxury car with diesel powered engines.

However, due to research and development by 1964, competition in the aero engine was increasing. That is why Rolls Royce gave place to about 80,000 people in their company and according to Man Power their company became the 14th largest company in Britain.

Despite this, due to the recession, it continued to suffer in the work of automobiles. And then in 1998 it was decided to sell Rolls Royce.

Which was bought by BMW and Volkswagen while bidding.

And since 2011, the company operates as Rolls Royce PLC.

So friends, I hope you have liked this story of Rolls Royce and you must have been inspired by its founder Henry Royce.

Thank you very much for your valuable time.


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