The Success Story Of Motorola

The Success Story Of Motorola:- You must like this Motorola success story started with $565.

The Success Story Of Motorola
The Success Story Of Motorola

Friends, today we will know about America's multinational telecommunications company, Motorola, which is credited with making the world's first portable mobile phone.

 Also, till a few years ago, this company was the largest company in the world to make and sell Mobile Phones. However, due to heavy losses from 2007 to 2009, this company had to sell. Which I will tell you in detail in this video, but before that, let us know the journey of Motorola from the beginning.

 So friends, this story begins about 90 years ago, when two brothers together in a small rented house established a company named Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. And the names of those two brothers were Paul and Joseph Galvin. The company started with just 5 employees and a working capital of $ 565. Actually, the company was started at the time by purchasing the tools of "Stewart Battery Company" at auction.

 After the company started, its first product was the battery eliminator, which made the battery powered radio to be able to run even on domestic electricity. But this product went away from the market very soon because radio technology was moving fast. And then later on, Paul came to know that these days people are preferring to put radio in the car.

So he asked his engineer to make a cheap and good car radio. And then this radio, designed by Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, was shown at the "Conference of Radio Manufacturing Association", where people liked it very much.

 And from this the company started getting orders. Now Paul wanted to give this radio made by "Galvin Manufacturing Corporation" a different brand name, hence he named this radio as Motorola. In fact, Motorola was made up of two words, the first motor which was related to motor car, and the second one was taken from Bikola.

 The company sold its first Motorola brand radio on 27 June 1930, and when this radio became very famous, the company also changed its name to Motorola.

 Later, Motorola built a "car radio receiver" and sold it to the police department and the municipality. And then during the second world war, this company launched the SCR 536 model radio, which greatly helped the American military in communication. In addition to radio in 1947, Motorola made a television of VT-71 model and by this time Motorola's main business was to make radio and TV.

The Success Story Of Motorola
The Success Story Of Motorola

 While launching America's first satellite in 1958, Motorola also made a number of radio equipment for NASA. And then Neil Armstrong went to the moon for the first time to transmit his voice to the earth from Motorola's Transiver. Further on 3 April 1973, Motorola created the world's first portable mobile phone.

The model was DynaTAC, and it was made by Martin Cooper, senior engineer from Motorola. In 1974, Motorola sold its television business to Japan's Matsu-Shita Company, the parent company of Panasonic. And then after focusing on making phones, in 1984 Motorola launched the first cellular phone, named DynaTAC 8000x. And then, by 1996, Motorola brought the phones of Micro TAC, Ultra Classic, and, Star TAC model. Till now it was the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones. But after the arrival of Nokia, it slipped to the second position in 1998. And then further, Motorola launched many great mobile phones like Star Tac 2004, Razor Max and XT603. But from 2007 onwards, the company continued to suffer losses, and then on 4 January 2011 it was split into two separate public companies.

 The first is Motorola Mobility and second is Motorola Solutions. And then in 2012 Google bought Motorola Mobility, but later on within two years, Google also sold it to Lenvo. And now under the banner of Lenovo, Motorola's mobile phones are trying to overtake again.