Uber's Success Story in English

Uber's Success Story in English :-| Travis Kalanick & Garrett Camp Biography | Taxi Technology Company

Uber's Success Story in English

       Uber's Success Story in English

Friends, today we will know about the global transportation company Uber, which has made our journey to a great extent easier with its excellent cab service.

Also, Uber provides its service in 633 cities, not one or two.

And very few people will know that Uber company has also brought service of helicopter and self-driving car.

And this company also does business in food ordering service.

So, friends, if Uber has these interesting facts, we will know in detail… but before that we know the journey of this company from the beginning.

The journey to friends UberCab begins about 9 years ago, when a man named Garrett Kampf spent $ 800 to book a private driver with his friends before a New Year party.

And then he thought that if one car is shared with many people then the burden of fare will be less on everyone.

Uber's Success Story in English

Uber's Success Story in English

This thinking later turned into Uber.

But some people also believe that this concept came when… .. One evening, while Tervis was waiting for a taxi in Kalanick, France with his friend Garrett Kemp in the bitter cold. But for a long time they could not get any taxi and to overcome this inconvenience, they thought of opening an Uber company.

However, we know the story ahead.

In order to use this concept, Garrett Camp sought the help of some of his friends, and Kalanick joined the company as a consultant. And these two people are considered the founders of the company.

Darshal Garrett was the co-founder of Camp StumbleUpon, and Kalanick also sold his startup company Red Swoosh for $ 19 million.

"In the wake of working under his arranging, he propelled the beta variant of Uber in May 2010."

And the name of the first employee of this company was Ryan, who found this job while responding to the tweet of Garrett Camp. Ryan joined the company as general manager and soon he was promoted to the company CEO.

In 2011, the company launched its official application along with its service in San Francisco, which in the initial times only booked Black Premium Cars ”.

But this service could not be very popular by that time because the price of cabs was one and a half times more expensive according to the common taxi.

And yes, Uber was named UberCab as of 2011, but UberCab had to remove the word cab from its name on a complaint from a San Francisco taxi operator.

While working for 1 year, Uber brought a lot of changes in its strategy, and then in July 2012 launched a service called Uberx, under which anyone could run their car for this company.

However, before taking the car into the company, Uber thoroughly checks its background and all the necessary papers, as well as the car owner and driver also have to follow their rules.

After bringing this service, the company started moving fast and the business quickly expanded to 35 cities.

Later, in July 2014, the company also started helicopter ride service with the Blade Company, partnering with New York City to Hampt-Vein for $ 3,000. And this service was named as UberCHOPPER.

The following month in August, the company launched another service trial called Uber Pool.

The Uber application under this service connects one ride to another, if both are going in the same direction, then both the passengers are seated in the same taxi, with the fare also being split between the two passengers. Is

This service proved to be very beneficial for the people and this increased the company's growth significantly.

And in the same month, Uber also started its second consecutive service, which was the online food ordering service. And this service was named Uber Eat. In which only 30 minutes of food delivery concept was brought.

Later, after collaborating with Dream Drive in March 2015, Uber started with luxury car service Singapore, under which cars like Lamborghini can also be booked.

And in the same year Kalanik expressed his desire to bring Self Driving Cars for Uber, after which the company formed Robotics Department for research from May 2015.

And then on 14 September 2016, Uber launched its first self-driving car service.

And in some similar manner, Uber has been present in more than 83 countries and about 633 cities for its excellent service.

And at the beginning of 2017, Uber accounted for 84% of cab service in the US.

But friends, Uber may have decided this journey of success very quickly, but this company also faced many difficulties and had to face many controversies.

But after hard work day and night without giving up, the company is hard at this stage today and is moving forward to many new heights.

So friends, this was Uber's success story, hope you must have liked it.