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25 inspirational quotes on time

25 inspirational quotes on time

25 inspirational quotes on time :- these 25 quotes will realize the importance of time.

25 inspirational Quotes on time
25 inspirational Quotes on time

Quote 1: the best thing about the future is that it comes of doing one – to-one day.Abraham Lincoln

Quote 2: time is money.Benjamin Franklin

Quote 3: time is a coin of your life. All you have is a coin and only you can decide how to spend it. Be careful if not for you and people will spend it.Carl Sandburg

Quote 4: time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we are burning.Delmore Schwartz

Quote 5: I think, having some quiet time in your life is very essential.Mariel Hemingway

Quote 6: I have to rule the clock, not be governed by it.Golda Meir Golda Meer

Quote 7: I took some time for life.James L. Brooks

Quote 8: when you don't have the time to do this thing correctly, when will it be time to end it ?John Wooden

Quote 9: I think that time matures all things, over time all things are exposed, time is the propulsion of truth.Francois Rabelais

Quote 10: you know how to live the time you've met.Dario Fu

Quote 11: he who wants to make his future joyful should not waste his present.Roger arts

Quote 12: don't drown yourself in the worry of the future.
Friedrich Schiller

Quote 13: elapsed time never comes back.Benjamin Franklin

Quote 14: gradually time keeps destroying them while people talk to delete time.Dion Boucicault
Quote 15: my time is now. John Turner

Quote 16: people who don't have time for fun take time out for late – saber sickness.John Wanamaker

Quote 17: time is the most intelligent advisor.Pericles Pericles

Quote 18: the time is what we want most, but what we use most incorrectly. William Penn

Quote 19: time moves towards one direction and memories the other. William Gibson
Quote 20: at the time, whose teeth are chewing everything, he is powerless in front of the truth. Thomas Huxley

Quote 21: you won't understand the importance of your time until you understand your value. You won't do anything until you understand the importance of your time. M. Skot Peck

Quote 22: wasting money won't just make you money, but by wasting time you lose a part of lifeMichael Lisbon

Quote 23: take more time when in doubt.John Zimmerman
Quote 24: you will not have time on can delay.Benjamin Franklin

Quote 25: time and Tide don't wait for anyone.Anonymous
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