Don't miss out on these '5 things' on Google

Don't miss out on these '5 things' on Google :- this news very important for you don't search these things in Google search engine you must read.

Don't miss out on these '5 things' on Google
Don't miss out on these '5 things' on Google

Mumbai :- Everyone uses Google to search. Netizens believe that Google will find information that is not available anywhere. But do you think a little while searching? That's exactly what you are searching for on Google. Don't miss out on these 5 things, even if you miss Google.


    Never search for your identity on Google. Because Google has all the databases in your cert history. Persistent identity searches are likely to leak that information. Because hackers are waiting for you to find out what you can find easily.

    Suspicious thing

    Often on Google, people search for something they don't need. But it is searched only for viewing. Do not search for anything suspicious that will put you in trouble. Because the cyber cell's eyes are on such a search. This can put you in trouble.


    Do not search Google for private email login. Doing so may cause your account to be hacked or password leaked. Studies show that e-mail hacking is the most frequent occurrence worldwide. The cyber cell has several complaints.


    If you are searching on Google for information about an ailment or ailment, it should also stop you. Because the searched data is transferred to a third party. It constantly shows you ads about the disease and its medications.


    Don't ever search Google for things that are related to insecurity. If you do, his ads will keep you coming. From that you will know that someone is following you on the Internet. If you feel you should not see any ads, be careful.

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