How to link pan card with aadhar. is your pan card link with aadhar? :- know here how to link pan card with aadhar card.

How to link pan card with aadhar. is your pan card link with aadhar?
How to link pan card with aadhar

Mumbai: The Last Days of link to your PAN card is 5 Oct. You only have a few days to link the Pan (PAN) - course now support (Aadhar). From the Central Direct Taxation board (CBDT), the Income Tax Return (ITR) is being prompted to have a link supporting PAN card for filing victims. If the pan is not linked to support, it may be cancelled. २०१७ therefore, when this act was first implemented, only if PAN is not linked with Aadhaar until a certain date has been previously been agreed.  Since then, pan is the only free line linked to support. Finally, For been set by September's closing date for the CBDT 31 on March 2019. While the process had started for nearly two years, so many people forgot that they had certainly added Our greeting card support? 

Follow these steps you can link pan card with aadhar
You can even learn that one click Airbus whether your PAN-Support Link is here. For this...  - Income tax department's official website go on - To the left of the here, you can get a link to the Link Aadhar from the Quick links option. Click on this. - Now open a new web page, which says 'click here to view the status if you have already submitted Link Aadhar request'.  You will be asked to support and view your pan on a new web page that is now open. - Click on 'View Link Aadhar Status' after filling the information. Here, you can know immediately whether your support is linked to the pan.

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