Interesting facts about world that will Blow your mind {facts about world 2020}

Interesting facts about world that will Blow your mind {facts about world 2020}

Interesting facts about world that will Blow your mind {facts about world 2020}

This world is full of interesting things! We are going to tell you 50 such interesting facts that you will be surprised to know! Funny and interesting interesting facts you probably didn't know about before! So let's know - interesting facts about world

Interesting facts about world

1. The 100 richest men in the world earn so much in one year, that the poverty of the world can be eliminated 4 times!

2. Around 2.4 million emails are sent on the Internet every second! 2.5 lakh Whatsapp messages and about 1 lakh videos are seen on YouTube!

3. You will never remember that your dream started from where!

4. The first kissing scene in the history of cinema was filmed in the 1927 film "Wing"!

5. It is being told in the social media that "only 25 bottles of Coca-Cola were sold in the first year, this is a good example that work should not be done in the initial failure!" In reality it is wrong!

According to coca-Cola's official website, it was previously sold in glass and not in bottles! During the first year, the average sales per day in Atlanta, USA was 9 glasses! From 1894 it was started selling in bottles!

6. About 52000 tons of gold is still buried under the ground, which is worth more than 2 lakh crores!

7. If you look at every website for 1 minute, then you will take 31000 years to see all the websites of the world!

The kangaroo cannot walk in reverse and the elephant cannot jump!

9. Most children are born in the month of August!

10. I am afraid to see a pig in the mirror!

11. Muhammad (muhmmad) is the most common name in the world!

12. Dogs and cats are left or right-handed like humans!

People who have more number of tilos on their body, on an average, they live happier than people with less til!

14. Out of 100, 4 out of 5 women are women.

15. Women speak an average of 20000 words every day, which is not thousand or two thousand, but 13000 words more than the average of men!

16. The buttons of men's shirts are on the right side and the buttons of women's shirts are on the left side!

17. Most commercials show a time of 10:10 on the clock!

18. Ten meaningful words can be extracted from the English word "Therein"! There, in, here, herein, in, rein, therein, ere, her, the.

19. A person can live a month without eating, but can live only 7 days without water!

20. Most of the world's serial killers were born in November!

21. About 25 percent of your body bones are in your feet!

22. You would never have noticed that your heart beats about 100,000 times a day!

23. If a small amount of alcohol is put on a scorpion, it will go crazy and sting itself!

24. Lizard's heart beats 1000 times in 1 minute!

25. In France in 1386 AD, a pig was hanged by the people on the gallows for the murder of a child!

26. Butterflies taste the taste of something from their feet, that is, their jib is in their feet!

27. Your nose gets hot when you speak.

28. There are insects on this earth that eat themselves if they do not get food!

29. Every year in Australia, people are killed more than snakes by being bitten by honey bees!

30. Apple company founder Steve Jobs never had a number plate on his car!

31. On average, if a line is drawn with a land pencil, it will be 35 kilometers long and from which 50000 words can be written!

32. Honey is the only food that does not spoil for years!

33. Keeping a pet dog in Iceland is against the law!

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34. On an average, 12 newly born children are given to another parent every day!

35. We have seen every single face in the dream once!

36. The cigarette lighter was discovered before the matchbox!

37. Titanic's chimney was so large that two trains could pass through it!

38. If a Titanic with a height of 261 meters were erected upright, it would have been higher than every building of its time!

39. Rome is the city of the world whose population first crossed the 10 lakh mark!

Interesting facts about world that will Blow your mind {facts about world 2020}

40. Due to the gravity of the earth, it is not possible for the mountains to be higher than 15000 meters!

41. Neil Armstrong was the first to put his left foot on the moon! And at that time his heartbeat was 156 times per minute!

42. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world! Its area is 0.2 square mill! And it has a population of about 770! None of them is its permanent citizen!

43. You might be surprised to know that women spend a year of their entire life in deciding what to wear today!

44. India is third in the world in terms of Muslim population!

45. It is impossible to sneeze openly!

46. ​​India is the largest milk producing country in the world.

47. India is the world's largest arms exporter!

48. India is also one of the three countries that make supercomputers. (The other two are US and Japan)!

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49. India is at the top in terms of murder (32,719 murders per year), followed by Russia (28,904 murders per year).

50. You will be surprised to know that a large part of Kerala was ruled by the King of Travancore, the roots of casteism were very deep and women of lower castes were ordered not to cover their breasts! For breach, they had to pay Breast Tax.

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