5 tips to improve your focus 2021 { Best Tips Self Help dsmotivations}

 5 tips to improve your focus 2021

Friends Concentration Power The biggest reason for not getting it right is not getting enough rest. Calmness of the mind is most important for concentration. But when the mind is not able to get rest, it keeps wandering here and there and it is not able to focus in one place. Best Tips that will help you improve your concentration

5 tips to improve your focus 2021 { Best Tips Self Help dsmotivations}

1) Read

Reading improves concentration.

It help us build our capacity to focus on a single thing for a longer period.

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5 tips to improve your focus 2021

2) Write

Writing clarifies the mind, improves your thinking ability, connects the dots, and deepens your focus.

Write something worth reading or do something worth riding.

Either way your focus will increase.

3) Meditate

Meditation connects you with the present.

You think more clearly as you spend more time alone in silence.

A clear mind is a focus mind.

4) Surroundings

Your surrounding contributes today the level of your focus.

If you're working in chaotic environment, you'll find it harder to focus.

Find a place where you can work without getting distracted.

Distribution = Hard time focusing

5) Measure

Measure your process.

Focus often fades because of lack of feedback.

We Avoid measuring our progress because we are fearful of what the numbers will tell us about ourselves.

But the trick is to realise that measuring is just feedback on "where you are" not "who you are".

Measure because it will help you focus on what matters and ignore what doesn't.

Focus on switching off all notifications

Focus on scheduling Deep work time.

Focus by practicing meditation.

Focus by journaling on your state of mind.

Focus by fasting from screens and people.

Focus start with your goals. Strategize what you want and your focus will find you.

I Suggest you read this book The seven habits of highly effective people it will help you improve your focus .

Watch Full Tedtalk It will help more.