135 Best Good morning Tea Quotes Of All Time

 135 Best Good morning Tea Quotes Of All Time

 Tea Quotes Come, friends, read the post of Funny Tea Quotes on Amazing Tea that will fill your morning with fresh tea. This post is specially for all you fans of Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media who do their morning good morning tea and wonderful status.

Tea Quotes

▪️▪️ 135
The pain of the head ...
"National treatment".

Do not let me destroy your eyes
It's morning, get some tea

▪️▪️ 134
Tea is like love
Who got used to it
She never leaves

▪️▪️ 133
Smoke rising from a cup of tea
I can see your face,
Lost in your thoughts
 Often my tea gets cold

▪️▪️ 132
I ax you
 Can drink tea,
Sun firefly moon stars
These are all lies

▪️▪️ 131
He expresses love in his own style!
Makes tea for me when happy
 ▪️▪️ 130
Tum Poonam I Amavas Tum Kulwadi Chai Banaras

▪️▪️ 129
Burns your heart and fills the tea in your arms;
Who does love like an ax?

▪️▪️ 128
Love you who love you
Offer tea at every visit.

▪️▪️ 127
Boil some water pip
Plenty of milk is a joy
Few leaves of thought.
Finely crush some gum,
Add sugar to laughter.
Let the dreams boil
For a while ..
This is the tea of ​​life, sir.
Sieve it in a cup of comfort
Sip sip

▪️▪️ 126
Come on, let's split up the morning work,
Crazy tea # you make, we drink it #
# Tea morning

Latest tea shayari update 2020 october
▪️▪️ 125
This is the strange way of both love and tea .. !!
One has to make, the other has to persuade

▪️▪️ 124
Is holding a lot of love with Tasbiro
He has kept your false cup of tea even today

▪️▪️ 123
Do not let me destroy your eyes
It is morning, bring some tea .. !!

▪️▪️ 122
Not even a habit of tea
one day
I will remain the Prime Minister.

▪️▪️ 121
Don't know when god will show that day
When throwing water at her husband's mouth
I'll wake her up and say
 "Go get tea"

▪️▪️ 120
Hot tea and soft tone
Two beautiful things of the world

▪️▪️ 119
One such tea,
Everyone is destined .. !!
Have cups in hand and,
Mehboob in front… !!

▪️▪️ 118
Let's take care of this * #blessed * world
Let's take * #G * openly.
Skip all * # work * first
* # Tea * drink

▪️▪️ 117
Let's start a new # !!!
Stop celebrating, #Talk to tea .. !!!

▪️▪️ 116
My love for tea
Care will not change
Year will change but
No heart condition
Will change

▪️▪️ 115
I want you to gargle tea
Can drink, darling
These firefly, moon, stars
These are all lies

▪️▪️ 114
# Is a single # what,
# I made two cups of tea by mistake

▪️▪️ 113
If the sweetness in tea is reduced
Today your lips are not good

▪️▪️ 112
What should I say, his words are so sweet,
Sitting in front and drinking chaotic tea

▪️▪️ 111
#Biscuit with #Chaya
Has given a wonderful # lesson,
# More # drowns in someone the more # will be broken

▪️▪️ 110
Sounds good, drink tea on the terrace with the waning sun
Live the gingerly strand with the smell of ginger,

▪️▪️ 109
Everyday i touch your lips
I wish tea
Would you have a cup… !!

▪️▪️ 108
Some dreams come up,
 Some wishes are incomplete,
 Mind blowing like a cloud,
 A cup of tea,
 And cite yours.

▪️▪️ 107
# If # of sugar is not present in tea
What fun to drink and
If #BF / #GF is not there in #Life
What fun to live

▪️▪️ 106
 If you have love like tea, do it…
 Say if you don't drown like a biscuit

▪️▪️ 105
How much sugar will be in tea?
These gimmicks are only in films
We have to do the same thing as we have here ..

▪️▪️ 104
My life is a headache,
Ginger tea is ishq tera ..
▪️▪️ 103
Tea is not just tea, it is medicine
Love of pain of sorrow ..

▪️▪️ 102
Drugs are of tea or of success
I'm both

▪️▪️ 101
If you call on tea, there will be some home-like atmosphere.
It sounds like calling on your coffee.

▪️▪️ 100
Have you loved tea if you do not meet me?
Head aches

▪️▪️ 90
By loving someone
Better than a heart burn
Hot tea
Burn the heart

▪️▪️ 908
Chaska is also more than the love of tea,
Love is also such a thing that tea is faded
We have tea drinkers
Is a miraculous cure
Whatever be the merge,
The name of the medicine is just tea

▪️▪️ 97
Here 👉 morning 🌅 tea ☕ not from coffee ❌
From states

▪️▪️ 96
Don't take it lightly
Savory color

Have seen more than milk
I am fond of tea.


▪️▪️ 95
Meet, how will you weave tea again ..
We will listen quietly to tell you silently.

▪️▪️ 94
I have only one idea for you
Otherwise who drinks tea after sitting alone.

▪️▪️ 93
Tea, shayari, and your memories
Plenty of pleasures. Heart burns a lot.

▪️▪️ 92
Something like this to sugar
Save it

Drink tea when us
Make him sit in the world

▪️▪️ 91
Today again at the tea table
There was a smile left,

The cups have touched the lips
She kept looking at the kettle.
Tea Status English

▪️▪️ 90
Love and morning tea
The two are the same,

Every time the same newness,
Same refreshment every time

▪️▪️ 89
Have heard
Drinking tea in winter
Are the deeds of merit?
Who will do virtue today?

▪️▪️ 88
Just two winters of winter,
Miss you and tea

▪️▪️ 87
It is very cold.
Will not share any knowledge,
Who has to share the tea

▪️▪️ 86
Uff like tea
I have wanted you

And you like biscuits
Drowned me in your memory

▪️▪️ 85
My tea again today
It became more sweet.

How many times have you said that repeatedly
Do not miss you

▪️▪️ 84
Today i made the words evening
It is called Chai Pe.

It has become a matter
There may also be ghazal.


▪️▪️ 83
In a smoke blowing from a cup of tea
I can see your voice.
Lost in your thoughts,
My tea is often cold.

▪️▪️ 82
One of your teas,
Borrowed on this evening

If you have time to spare
With a little laugh
Ever drink

▪️▪️ 81
This is the world of 4 people
Here 👉 morning 🌅 tea is not from coffee ❌
Happens through the states

▪️▪️ 80
I keep grinding cardamom, ginger, cinnamon
But your memories came from smelling tea!

▪️▪️ 79
Never come to my house Sit on tea
Will talk to you with me. Something your

▪️▪️ 78
Was determined not to drink anymore
Tea is on their hands ..
But saw them and sat up revolting

▪️▪️ 77
Never meet in this cold
We will tease some stories on tea ..

You say silently,
And we will listen quietly

▪️▪️ 76
This is the rainy season, and remember you
Let's meet again with a cup of tea.

▪️▪️ 75
You are done with morning tea
All the time is yours

▪️▪️ 74
I had only three hobbies
Ik tea
Ik shayari
and you

▪️▪️ 73
Making Tea for Boyzzz 😙
How many spoons of poison should I put?

Tea shayari

▪️▪️ 72
He said how much sugar will you take in tea
Tell us just give me a choking drink

▪️▪️ 71
He / she will have the right
Love is no tea that gives yellow to everyone

▪️▪️ 70
The fun of bitter tea in the harsh cold
Alcoholics know what is the intoxication of tea

▪️▪️ 69
Are your memories of tea in winter
This is how much work you get.

Tea Status English

▪️▪️ 68
Come drink tea today
Who would look so much in such a mist


▪️▪️ 67
I remember you in every knee
How can I say tea is bad?

▪️▪️ 66
Tea Hot
💋 lip soft
में in kissing 👈
👉 what a shame

▪️▪️ 65
Combat tea is addictive to me
Want to stick to my lips

Don't know what happiness is
By burning my tongue.

▪️▪️ 64
Not only me
These tea cups are also available
Addiction to your lips

▪️▪️ 63
Don't have tea
Don't take much
I am a patient of your love
Take your name as soon as you wake up in the morning

▪️▪️ 62
Keep the tone a little ...
Hot we only like tea

▪️▪️ 61
We love you so much
As much black tea as milk

▪️▪️ 60
What do you know about the love of tea
In every sip, you think with great satisfaction.

▪️▪️ 59
What do you know about the love of tea
Each sip has a different intoxication

▪️▪️ 58
A morning tea of ​​yours too
Our morning tea too .. !!

Some stories from your heart too
And our stories too.

▪️▪️ 57
Ishq hot tea… and Dil Parle ji!
Break the sinking so much!

▪️▪️ 56
I can not drink you as a tea
You did not wake me up in the morning with warm breaths, please Dilruba.

▪️▪️ 55
Heart is very sad you need advice
Take tea or beer

▪️▪️ 54
Xinhe is fond of tea
He definitely has a wound in his heart

▪️▪️ 53
# Tea or # love,
Both # Strongs # looks good!

▪️▪️ 52
This is the love of tea.
What do you know sir

Just in every sip ..
Miss you only

▪️▪️ 51
A little intoxicating tea, a little yours as well,
Today, the mind of being swayed is ours too.

▪️▪️ 50
 In the rising smoke of tea, your face comes
It is lost in your thoughts that
Often my tea gets cold ..

▪️▪️ 49
The news then spread in the locality
Your - my love

When on my cup of tea
I got marks on your lips

▪️▪️ 48
Live the same life
Those who drink tea

▪️▪️ 47
Listen me today tea
I want to drink from your lips.

▪️▪️ 46
Tea cries fade from drinking
But the call to kiss your lips increases with kissing.

▪️▪️ 45
Listen today you are not asking for tea

▪️▪️ 44
Hello honey today the weather is pleasant
Will you be loved with tea pakoras?

▪️▪️ 43
Tea was an excuse,
The real purpose was to come to meet you ..

▪️▪️ 42
Hello i want to drink tea
Should I come to your home?

▪️▪️ 41
Listen, I feel like calling you to tea,
And crunchy, chips, show along with tea
And later, after beating me

▪️▪️ 40
Does anyone feel like drinking tea
If you are doing
Go and make it for me too
Make a cup…

▪️▪️ 39
I want a gf who
Morning Tea with Biscuits
Babu-Sona Kiss By Speaking ..

▪️▪️ 38
You seem to have forgotten sugar,
Just give sweetness to your lips
Taking a sip of my tea ..

▪️▪️ 37
Tea people
Even if it is evil to win, but
Will drink while traveling
Taking a pinch ..

▪️▪️ 36
Listen Chori !! You will be crazy about me,
But I am just obsessed with my morning tea.

. Good morning

▪️▪️ 35
I haven't seen any weather
I have wanted you
Like tea

▪️▪️ 34
Say what it looks like?
The tea that you drink without me ..

▪️▪️ 33
By what right should I call you over tea,
Do you ever claim to be me ..

.▪️▪️ 32
A cup of good tea,
Erases three breakups ..

▪️▪️ 31
The taste of the cup of tea increases,
If you are in the mood for a romantic tea drinker ..

▪️▪️ 30
Life is boiling like tea but
We will also enjoy every sip with passion ..

▪️▪️ 30
One long love is a lonely evening
A cup of tea and just your name ..

▪️▪️ 29
Love increases by drinking dog
Having said this, he drank all my tea.

▪️▪️ 28
Live life in two drams
Once you have to drink false tea

▪️▪️ 27
The flame has been burning on a low heat,
Is this when love and tea became famous?

▪️▪️ 26
Tea is another such thing
Which opens the eyes
Neighboring is still number one ..

▪️▪️ 25
Live my life in a jiffy
Today I have come to drink tea of ​​X girlfriends.

▪️▪️ 24
Hey darling
Today the weather is a bit cold
Give tea in your arms.

▪️▪️ 23
Smelling morning tea is now tasteless
 Ever since this moment has come in my heart ..

▪️▪️ 22
Will marry the same girl,
Who asked as soon as they woke up Should I give tea or puppy?

▪️▪️ 21
Whole night
Tere nahi chai ke kwabi kya
Love you more now
Started doing tea

▪️▪️ 20
She was puffed up with the sweetness of the tea relish.
The color of friendship was bright and that of a beautiful morning
Done with pakodo

▪️▪️ 19
Listen, I like tea, Assam,
The voice of Kishore, the pen of Gulzar,
And love is yours ..

▪️▪️ 18
Listen, love is not enough
You will also have to make tea for me.

▪️▪️ 17
It's like tea in winter, your love,
Less is expected

▪️▪️ 16
The doctor who was Dr. could not even give the medicine properly,
Bala underwent surgery selling tea

▪️▪️ 15
I need the warm feelings of your tea made.
Look no matter how cold the weather has become ..

▪️▪️ 14
Came out in search of love,
It was cold and came back after drinking tea

▪️▪️ 13
Strand strand drenches my circles,
Tea travels in my veins.

▪️▪️ 12
Heartbreak was bound to happen, tea lovers.
Ishq was seated with a coffee lover

▪️▪️ 11
Often in the loneliness,
Someone call me for evening tea

▪️▪️ 10
Today again your memories flowed
 Drank tea

• •• ❥ 9
Lets not drink morning tea,
In sweet, sweet is found instead of sugar

• •• ❥ 8
Remember, you have tea in your hand,
Then that happy morning, what is the matter

• •• ❥ 7
Who to say hello to? Whom should I say,
Every tension has same plum ginger tea

• •• ❥ 6
Forced Relationships and Crackling Tea
Make slowly

.☕️ •• ❥ 5
Every day I am sitting with a cup of tea,
And a bucket full of you

• •• ❥ 4
Distribute all the gum,
Half tea half together i and tea

• •• ❥ 3
A few moments have to live for centuries,
I want to drink tea from your lips.

• •• ❥ 2
Loved you with tea, do not meet in the morning and evening, you have a headache,
 This is the month of December and it is a cold evening, wish you were there?
 So drink a cup of tea

• •• ❥ 1
If you pay, see the rogue tea leaf,
 What was put in a little milk turned red with shame

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