Quotes on pollution in English 2021

Quotes on pollution in English 2021

Quotes on pollution in English 2021
Quotes on pollution

The ever increasing (Air pollution) has struck the nose of all the creatures of the world today. Today, thousands of diseases are taking place due to pollution, which threatens human life. At the same time, due to continuous defects in the natural balance, its bad results can be seen all around.

On the other hand, if the problem of (plastic pollution) is not controlled soon, then the day is not far when all the lives will get polluted and the existence of this world will be endangered.

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So with an aim to make people aware of the negative effects of plastic pollution, today we are providing you some inspirational slogans on pollution in this post, which by reading will generate a sense of ease in the environment and people will be able Avoid use, which promotes pollution.

Stop air pollution - slogan on light pollution in english

"Together we will eliminate pollution, and make our environment clean."

Quotes on pollution in English 2021


Come and swear together, let us drive away pollution.

Slogans on plastic Pollution Control in English

“Give all our support in stopping pollution, and stop the use of plastic.

Quotes on pollution in English 2021


Shame - don't be ashamed, don't waste crores of rupees on firecrackers.

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Best Slogans on Pollution

“This dangerous poison of pollution is being imposed on the environment.

Quotes on pollution in English 2021


Remove pollution, save the environment

Quotes on Noise pollution in english

"The problem of pollution is like a termite, which is slowly making the environment hollow."

We all have this responsibility, our world should be free from pollution.

Quotes on (Sound pollution) in english

Due to (plastic pollution), dangerous problems like glow warming are taking place today, whereas today, due to the effect of pollution, neither human beings are getting pure air, nor pure water is getting destined, and more so due to the normal life of human beings. The style is also being heavily influenced.

In addition, due to pollution in our environment, the balance of climate is deteriorating, abnormal weather conditions are arising, as well as ecosystem changes are taking place.

Today pollution has reached its peak, mainly due to mechanization, modernization and industrial revolution, there is no doubt that mechanization has made human life extremely comfortable and easy, now in hours of work minutes And physical forgiveness has also reduced, but the opposite effects are extremely dangerous for our environment and for human life.

Quotes on (water Pollution) images

“Together we will keep the environment clean, and we will end pollution.

Just like they will fill it, they will not stop pollution, they will die of useless monks.

Slogans on pollution in English

“Do not mix poison in the environment, do not spread pollution from your works.

Life will not be found again, pollution-free environment will be ours.

"If measures are not taken to stop pollution, then one day it will lead to the complete destruction of all mankind."

No one will tell you about pollution, except for your next generation!

Pollution Slogans with Pictures

"All will do their duty to be responsible citizens, and drive away pollution from this world."

Use public vehicles only when there is a great need, and give all your help in preventing pollution.

Pollution Quotes with Pictures

At the same time, the most regret is that today, in the desire for their material happiness, as well as greed to earn more profits, they are cutting down trees and plants, and the contaminated material coming out of their industrial factories, natural water sources like rivers, ponds Are putting in

Due to which the problem of water pollution is increasing, along with excessive use of vehicles, air pollution and noise pollution is spreading, and the poisonous smoke emanating from the vehicles is polluting the entire atmosphere.

At the same time, if the natural means continue to be severely abused in this way, then it will also become difficult to breathe in the open air.

So the time is still to become aware of your environment, and go ahead to stop the increasing pollution from such slogans and upload the slogan spreading awareness on the social media sites to other people also within your environment. Develop a sense of saving.

So that increasing pollution can be controlled in time, otherwise we all may have to pay a big price for it.

Shayari on Pollution in English

"You can fool everyone, but you can never fool the environment !!"

We all have a slogan, our country should be free from pollution.

Slogans on Pollution Control

“The problem of pollution has become so big now that it has become a hindrance in the way of environment.

Pollution has to be eradicated, and we all have to make our environment clean.

Pollution Slogans in English

"Now all resolve to fight pollution, because this is the only option to save the environment."

Pollution Slogans

“Now garbage and garbage is spreading everywhere, the danger is increasing day by day on the environment.

Slogans on pollution

“This problem is very big for the environment, pollution has become the life of the people and this period is for the environment.

Slogan on Pollution Gif

"On the day that there will be a threat to the environment in the earth, on that day there will be no life in the earth !!

Pollution Quotes in English

“We will all make the environment clean, fulfill the promises of stopping pollution.

Quotes about Pollution 2021

Save the tree to fight pollution.

Pollution is slow poison.

Love humanity, hate pollution.

Polluter are just like a killers.

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