4 Steps of Success – Formula of Success - dsmotivations

 4 Steps of Success – Formula of Success - dsmotivations

4 Steps of Success – Formula of Success - dsmotivations

Friends, I always ask myself a question, "Is there any formula to get success?" "Which path do successful people choose to get what they want?"

4 Steps of Success – Formula of Success - dsmotivations

Today I am sharing with you what came to my understanding from the study, books, and seminars of many successful people. Why are successful people in different areas and their plans to accomplish their goals will be different, yet they have something similar and they take different steps in different steps to get what they want. . And I call this step "4 steps to success".

Success First Step – Keep your goal clear.

To get what you want, the first step means knowing exactly what you need. But many people do not mix what they want because they do not know exactly what they want. Many people say that they want to be successful, but when asked what exactly does it mean? Then many people answer that "I don't know for sure" or they have some meaningless answer that "I want to be happy" "I want to earn a lot of money" "I have to solve all my problems" and many more. some…. You should understand that till you do not know your goal, you will understand how to use your ability, time, and other tools, not this is the most important quality of successful people, this is what I understand from my search. He Came. What they want Exactly, Planning about their future is clear in their mind and in the same way they try, Sachin Tendulkar knew only one thing from his childhood that "I want to play cricket and as much as there are buses" about Future. The picture was clear in his mind and that's why he won only one thing day and night, that means "cricket". Because of that people today call him the God of Cricket. Similarly, if you study more successful people, then you will feel the same thing that their goals were clear.

Success Second Step – Make a plan to accomplish the goal.

Planning means what to do Exactly? Planning means to do your work step by step to fulfill your goal.

Example:- If you have to travel Bombay to Goa then you have to do some things step by step, you have to first come to Bombay station and get the ticket, then you have to go to the platform, catch the train and get down at Goa station, you have to do this step by step work. Will be Similarly, to fulfill your goal, the steps of the planning you will do is very important and before planning, you have to do the right search and then planning should be done. Planning should be in writing. What are the steps I have to take next, in this way half of your work will be easy.

Success Third Step – Take Action – Take it now.

The third step means to take action after your planning to fulfill your goal and this step takes you to your goal, if there will be any different among successful people and dreamers, then that is to take action. And to take action, it is very important to be strong in a mental and physical way. By controlling your own emotion, it is necessary to take action towards the goal with enthusiasm and confidence.

Success Fourth Step - Learn and persevere.

When you are taking action according to your planning, then there are chances of only two things happening. One - you will fulfill your goal and two - the acceptance you get will not be fulfilled, something will be different from your acceptance. Many of you call it a failure. Failure comes in everyone's life? Yes. You show me by finding such a successful person who has never seen failure. Apart from this, the more steps, the more the proof of failure and so I came to understand in my search that the more successful a person is. Equally more proof of failure in his life. Some people blame other things on failure, they feel that it is very difficult for them to accomplish the goal, they stop working after getting frustrated. He says "I tried and got stuck no more." All successful people find solutions on this. When they are not able to accomplish their goal, then they do not consider it a failure, they learn something new from them, the planning they have made will not be right or there will be something left in their steps, they bring a change in their planning by taking a new lesson and then the steps takes.

Friends, you should keep this thing in mind that whenever you get failure, then you should learn something new from it. Some changes should be brought in your efforts. Until your goal is achieved. It is said that Thomas Edison tried 10,000 times to discover Electric Light Bulb, when he was asked about it, he said that "After every unsuccessful attempt, I brought some change in my Technique and my Target accomplished. Teach me how I didn't become a Light Bulb in the first 9,999 tries!