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7 Simple Tips For A Stress Free Life

7 Simple Tips For A Stress Free Life - dsmotivations

7 Simple Tips For A Stress Free Life - dsmotivations

Stress and anxiety has become a very common experience for most people, especially among the youth. Stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on a person's life in many ways.

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Whether it affects your academic life, your professional life, your social life or personal life, stress always signifies negativity in your life.

Sometimes your stress can lead to anger, loneliness, nervousness and anxiety but things really shouldn't be like that. Your response to your stress can help you calm yourself.

So, here we are sharing some easy tips on how to become stress free in just five minutes. While it is not as easy to change your individual response to stress in all situations, these simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety can certainly help with your stress.

How to reduce stress and anxiety quickly?

1. Laugh and try to be happy

Whenever you laugh, our body releases a chemical called endorphins which actually helps in improving your mood and reduces the level of stress hormones. It completely fills you with energy.

 2. Take a Deep Breath- 

Another simple way to release stress is by taking a deep breath. It really helps to slow down your heart rate and allows you to feel more relaxed and at peace.

3. Talk to your mom- 

Calling your mom is definitely good for quick stress relief. According to one study, people who interacted with the mother had a reduced release of an important stress hormone and also oxytocin.

 4. Listen to Music

 Listening to soft music can be a great stress buster. Any music you love can work for you but you can also try classical, Indian music or even nature sounds.

 5. Watch a funny video

Watching a funny video is also a great idea to de-stress quickly. Just find some funny videos and you will feel instant relief in your stress and anxiety. I personally watch funny videos of kids whenever I feel stressed or anxious. You can try this also.

6. Walk

Sometimes it is better to take a walk than to sit in your chair and keep thinking about the things that cause stress for you. For this, you don't need to go to any park or anywhere else. You can simply start walking around in your room or balcony or lobby. Just make sure you leave your negative thoughts in your chair.

If you love to hang out, take a life book with you whenever you go out and share your experiences with pictures in it. It's also a great way to be happy.

7. Meditate

 In many studies, meditation has been proven to be the best strategy for relieving stress or reducing areas of anxiety, chronic pain and depression. You can simply close your eyes and repeat some calming words or mantra like Gayatri Mantra, Namokar Mantra.

Apart from these seven great tips, let's take a look at some other important things as well:

The biggest disease, what will people say ~ Stop thinking about others.

Stop thinking about what people will say. Start thinking, what is less what people will say:

We think more of others all the time. What will they think, what will they say? As long as you keep thinking about others, you can never be happy. Often people will point fingers at your work. If you are in the pursuit of making everyone happy, you will always be unhappy. If you try to do that work which gives you spiritual happiness, you will be really happy.

What is less: Always running after more, we ignore those precious things that we have. Therefore, remember the blessings given by God and celebrate happiness, life will start changing automatically.

What is this less, some people have nothing

change your eyes, your eyes will change

How to be happy all the time?

There is life for four days and today is the last day. Learn to live in the present, learn to forget the bad things and forget the past too. Don't think too much about the future. Don't pay too much attention to the negative things around you because the place you are in is the best for you.

Spend more time with your family members and close friends. Relive your nostalgia with them because these are the select people in the world who really want to see happiness on your face.

Take time for yourself, if you have any hobby then try to take time for that too, because in that time you are very close to yourself.

Try to learn new things or pursue new hobbies because when you learn new things it gives satisfaction and some joy and without satisfaction you can never be happy in life.

A healthy body builds a healthy mind. You give good food to your stomach. Are you giving your brain the same good dose or not? It is better that you do not spend time in your leisure time, on the phone or in other unnecessary conversations, spend time with some knowledgeable and positive thoughts books. Because this will not make your mind negative thoughts and it will help you to be happy.


We all face stress and anxiety at our workplace and personal life, which affects our productivity, our behaviour, our abilities in a negative way. But there are also simple ways that can help you ease the pressure you're feeling.

Just try these simple tips and you will realize a better balance in your overall work and personal life.

 Today we have shared 7 ways with you, with the help of which you can come out of depression immediately, if you liked this post of ours, then definitely share it with your friends.

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