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7 Steps to find your true self

7 Steps to find your true self

7 Steps to find your true self

1. Prioritise alone time.

Alone time is very powerful and the first step towards finding yourself.

Solitude separates you from all influences and allow you to be committed Fully to yourself and focus on your thoughts, needs, and wants.

So find some time for yourself daily.

2. Purge Your Thoughts.

Allowing thoughts to come to life via journaling, drawing or talking to others is the easiest way to rationalize them.

Take some time to focus on your thoughts daily.

Observe what's exactly going on in your mind and what you really want.

3. Think about what you want out of life.

How often do you really think about what you want? Just you, with no outside influences.

It's time you start ignoring people and finding what you really want.

Take a deep look inside and focus on Those thoughts.

Identify them.

4. Remove negative influences from your life.

Negative thoughts and influences eventually become negative choices and actions.

Remove all the distractions from your life and cut off all the negativity.

Focus on yourself and reinforce your goals with positive influences.

5. Explore and identify your passion.

Routine kills more people than anything else. It prevents people from finding their passion.

You need to branch out and try new things to find yourself and your passions.

Challenge yourself, accept Change and find the real you.

6. Embrace your authority in life.

Understand In you're in control of your life, no one else.

You decide your thoughts, your actions, and Everything that happens because of them.

Instead of seeking validation from others, seek validation from yourself.

7. Connect with your spirit.

The core of finding yourself is simply you.

To be yourself, you need to first stop thinking or trying to be someone else.

It sounds simple, but in reality, it's the most difficult thing.

Just be you.

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